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Doctor Frank, Dr. Frank, Frank D'Ambrosio
Frank D’Ambrosio MD is an orthopedic surgeon, husband to Lisa, father of seven and a grandfather. He’s also an avid Ramones fan.

Five years ago, Dr. Frank became fascinated with the science of cannabis and it’s success in relieving medical conditions such as depression and head trauma. He began to explore the possibilities of marijuana as medicine.

After 30 years of treating and operating on patients, many of whom would never find relief from their chronic pain, Dr. Frank decided to dedicate his practice to helping patients through medical cannabis. His practice now counsels patients all over the country, daily, on the use of marijuana to manage pain.

He has become a passionate advocate, seeing first hand how patients have got their lives back after turning to medical marijuana, often as a last resort.

“We’ve made huge progress in 2016 but we have a long way to go. There are still millions of people who are denied a medicine that could change their lives and marijuana is still a Schedule 1 drug”

Dr. Frank is one of our country’s leading voices for medicinal cannabis policy reform and aims to empower and educate people on the benefits of the substance for countless medical ailments through his platform.

Every Thursday Frank can be found at the Sunset / Gower studios interviewing experts, industry influencers, prominent figures and medical marijuana patients for his podcast “Elevate The Conversation”. Whether you have a question, a story, a comment – we’d love to hear from you. Dr. Frank is a refreshing, educated voice on a topic that is still largely taboo.

“I’m going to delve into the disinformation and misinformation that we have been given”

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