11 Best 420-Related Events Across CA

Trying to figure out what to do on 420? Looking at all the events, and finding either too much or too little? Want to find a different way of celebrating 420 this year? Well, we have a treat in store for you this year, dear readers. Not only are we going to tell you about some of the best 420-Day and 420-Day-related events, we’re going to get you money off attending one (or more) of them, as a special gift to you. Read on to see what activities you can get up to this 420 (and a little bit before and afterwards as well). You can either click on the text link or the picture to go to the relevant site and buy your ticket …

1. Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival & Summit: Children and Cannabis w/ Doctor Frank as Guest Speaker – April 22nd, 15:30 – 17:00, Camelot Theatres; the chance to win 2 Free Tickets (Usual price: $16.82 – $263.69)

Cannabis as medicine is still a controversial opinion to some extent. Perhaps the idea is becoming more and more acceptable, but it still seems that more time (and research) is necessary. However, the idea of cannabis as medicine for children is still a controversial one, even if we sometimes prescribe them drugs that are much worse. Yet, cannabis could potentially be a much safer medication for children, especially when we look at the current treatments for epilepsy and cancer.

For the chance to win free tickets, follow these three steps:

A)Register your interest in attending on the Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival & Summit Facebook page.
B) Tag a friend.
C) Subscribe to our newsletter (scroll down on the homepage), where winners will be announced.

Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit poster; marijuana events 420.
Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit

2. Grassfed – April 26th, 20:30 – 00:30, Harvelle’s, Santa Monica; 25% Discount with code DRFRANK, which is applied as soon as you click on the link! (Usual price: $23.16 – $69.35)

Grassfed is putting on a show titled “Marijuana Madness – The True Story of Marijuana Prohibition in the Jazz Era”, a three-part series of live music and burlesque shows, capturing the vibe of prohibition era U.S. Harvelle’s is one of the oldest live music venues in Santa Monica, having been established in 1931, and more than likely has many stories to tell when it comes to cannabis prohibition and the jazz era. An excellent, historic venue, with lots of great acts and music.

Grassfed; bongs; vaporizers; cannabis events.
Grassfed stall.

3. Bayked – April 20th, 15:00 – 22:00, Embarcadero Marina Park, San Diego; 15% Discount if you click on the link! (Usual price: $30 – $80)

Full bars, lots of food and a live performance by Wyclef Jean. The event’s tagline is “music, munchies and more”, and Bayked has certainly delivered on that front, with food on offer from restaurants like Meze Greek Fusion, Beach Hut Deli, El Chingon, Dang Brothers Pizza, WTF Waffles and many more. Oh, and there’s also the view of San Diego’s port.

Please note: This event will not have any marijuana products of any kind available for purchase and is meant to celebrate the significance of the 4/20 holiday with great music, incredible views, and good vibes galore! Although it is now legal to smoke in California it is NOT legal to smoke in public including San Diego parks including at BAYKED.

Bayked festival; 420 celebrations; music festival; cannabis festival.
Urbn Leaf presents Baykd.

4. Terpenes and Testing World Conference 2018 – April 10th – April 11th, 09:00 – 17:00, San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose; tickets are $199 with the code DRFRANK (Usual price: $349)

You know that we here at Doctor Frank’s are all about the science, so this is right up our alley. This show is produced by Terpenes and Testing Magazine, which focuses on testing, extraction and horticultural science. This is a one-of-a-kind event, and is a must-attend if you are in the cannabis industry or just plain-and-simply have a taste for the science behind terpenoids! There’s a significant saving with our code, too, so this is a chance to grab your ticket whilst you can …

Terpenes and Testing World Conference 2018.; 420 events; cannabinoids; terpenoids; cannabis science.
Terpenes and Testing World Conference 2018.

5. Mindfulness Cannabis by Rachel Monique Maskell and Laura Albers – April 11th, 19:00 – 21:00, FemDen, Cabrillo, LA; 50% off ticket price with code DRFRANK420 (Usual price: $20)

If you have a question to ask about cannabis, want to share your story or want to see what potential benefit cannabis may have on your mental and physical health, then this is the event for you. Rachel and Laura will be exploring the medical benefits of cannabis and how it’s processed in the body, consumption methods, and lots more besides.

Mindfulness Cannabis; Yoga and marijuana; cannabis spirituality
Mindfulness Cannabis

6. Cannabliss Retreats – April 19th – April 24th, Malibu; 10% off any package with DRFRANK10 (usual price $150 – $,2,500)

Have you ever wanted to learn all about the medical benefits of cannabis, whilst at the same time spending time surrounded by like-minded people in a villa in the mountains of Malibu? Well, now you can, with Cannabliss Retreats! There’s also Yoga classes, artistic workshops, a pool, a hot tub and even a course on cannabinoids designed by Dr. Ira Price. Oh, and an exclusive party to start of the festivities as well. At the time of writing, Cannabliss Retreats is 75% sold out, so grab your deal whilst you can!

Cannabliss Retreats logo; stylized cannabis leaf.
Cannabliss Retreats, Malibu.


7. Magic Bus Experience, April 20th – April 21st, 11:30 am – 11 pm; $12 off general admission with code DrFrank (usual price: $45 + fees)

Ever wondered what a 60,000 square foot, cannabis-inspired psychedelic wonderland would look like? Well, wonder no more, with the Magic Bus Experience! General admission tickets cost $45 or $65 VIP, which comes with unlimited chicken nuggets and tater tots! There’s also a pillow fort, a beanbag cinema, a maze, a games room and more artists and performers than you can shake several sticks at. Sounds like fun.

Magic Bus Experience; 60s psychedelia; Volkswagon bus; Hippie van
Magic Bus Experience logo. From

8. The Mystic Rebel, Into the Light: A Stoned Yoga Experience – April 20th, 19:30 – 02:00, NAVEL, LA; code DrFrank 15% off (Usual price: $55, or $30 for the after party only)

A communal smoke session, 60 minutes of yoga and groove meditation (with DJ Professor X) and an after party that starts at 9 pm. For those who are into wellness and want to have a little fun alongside it (it is both a Friday and 420, after all), then this is definitely the place to be. Get to it before it sells out and spaces are filled up!

Cannabis and Yoga; marijuana spirituality; 420 events
Into the Light: a Stoned Yoga Experience

9. Tree-atrical Thursday by Club 1019 – April 19th, 18:00 – 22:00, Kuja Studios, LA; 40% off ticket price with code DrFrank (Usual price: $25)

What better way of gearing up for 420 festivities than a stoner movie night? A ticket (which usually costs $25) will get you admission, a personal lounge chair (to sit in for the duration of the event – not to take home), a free drink and some free wings – an awesome deal, if there ever was one! We are also informed that infused popcorn and gummies will be available, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a great value pre-420 celebration.

Stoner movie night; infused popcorn; film night 420.
Tree-atrical stoner movie night.

10. Howard Freiberg’s Dead on the Water 420 Fest – April 20th – April 21st, 12:00 – late, The Hilltop Tavern and Inn, Apple Valley; $4.20 off by clicking the link! (Usual price: $49)

Should camping, listening to jam bands and meeting lots of lovely people whilst surrounded by a great view be your ideal way to spend 420, then this is the ideal event for you. The ticket on offer is a weekend pass, and includes parking or a camping space (dry, meaning no electric/water/sewer connections, so bring water and clean up after yourself). A fantastic experience if you’re looking for a festival experience, as well as just going hiking around the beautiful surroundings, where there’s a view of Mount Baldy and the Mojave River Valley.

Dead on the Hilltop; 20th Anniversary; cannabis event; 420 event.
Dead on the Hilltop 420 Event.

11. Sava Salon’s Secret Parties – An Edible a Day Keeps Inflammation Away (11th April, 19:00 – 21:00, SF Wellness & Arts Popup, San Francisco) & Cannabis and Skincare (2nd May, 18:30 – 20:30, Retreat SF, San Francisco); $3 off using code WELLNESS (Usual price: $15)

“An Edible a Day …” is only a couple of days away, so if you want to learn all about the best way/s to microdose, as well as clean eating, sleep and movement, then book your ticket asap! The talk will be headed by guest speaker, Liz Rudner.

As for Cannabis and Skincare, it is headed by Bridget May of Little Green Bee, in partnership with Retreat SF Skincare. Here, you’ll learn about cannabis and how it rejuvenates skin and slows the aging process. Please note that both of these events are consumption-free events.

Microdosing; cannabis events; cannabis edibles; marijuana edibles
Sava Salons – a picture of lots of lovely edibles.

So there we have it. 11 great things to do this 420, made that much more affordable. We hope you find something to do that interests you, and we have many different types of events to attend – whatever floats your boat. Enjoy, and have a happy 420!

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