Cannabis Engineer, Mara Gordon, Tell Us About Proper Dosing

If you can’t find the solution to a problem, your next best bet is to create the solution. That’s exactly what Mara Gordon did when she was faced with finding the best alternative to a lifetime of heavy prescription drug usage for her and her husband’s health issues. Cannabis was the reoccurring theme in her research, but it had its own drawbacks. At the time, there was no quality standard or accuracy to medical marijuana products. So, what did this process engineer decide to do? Create her own, of course! Enter Aunt Zelda’s, the rigorously tested cannabis products on a mission to bring the medicine into as many hands that need it as possible. That’s something we can get behind.

We sat down with Mara on Elevate the Conversation to hear her thoughts on the medical potential of cannabis, everything she knows about micro-dosing, and the benefits of certain strains for conditions. She really knows her stuff! So, get comfortable and press play.

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