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Celebrating 420 at Home? Here’s a Few Ideas

First of all, Happy 4/20, everyone! Should you want to avoid the crowds, save some money or just simply feel like settling into your own bed at the end of the night, then celebrating 4/20 at home is a great idea. Of course, should you want to go out and find a way of celebrating 4/20 without having to break the bank, then check out “11 Best 420-Related Events Across CA”. In the meantime, here’s a few ways of celebrating 4/20 at home, or indeed a way of “winding down” post-420 …

1. Have a movie night.

We have to start off with the classics. There are few better ways of celebrating 420, or pretty much any holiday. You could go for the 420 classics. Any Cheech & Chong and/or Harold & Kumar film, Half Baked, The Big Lebowski, Woodstock, Easy Rider, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Pineapple Express, Friday, Super Troopers, Dazed and Confused, Clerks … The list goes on-and-on. Of course, you needn’t go for the typical choices, as great as they are. Maybe go for films by a specific director. Kurosawa, Carpenter, Tarantino … Again, there are lots of great choices.

Movie night; popcorn; relaxing; putting your feet up; living room; sofa shenanigans.
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2. A “baked” goods night.

There’s no reason why you can’t combine this and the above. Make your favorite recipe, whether it’s medicated or not, you decide, although if you do it is perhaps wise to make some non-medicated food to help you along and make it a generally more enjoyable experience. Should you be having a gathering, you could get other to bring a dish as well, to ease your own burden as well as increase variety.

Movies; cupcakes; film-themed cupcakes.
Movie night cupcakes. Picture by Clever Cupcakes, Montreal. Source:

3. A cannabis-themed costume party!

Staying in needn’t mean not having a wild time, and there’s little that’s wilder than a well thought out costume party. You can take inspiration from one or more films from above, all sorts of literary figures and themes (think Alice in Wonderland or Metamorphoses), pirates and ninjas or pretty much anywhere your imagination wishes to take you.

Cannabis dress; cannabis costume; 420 costume; pretty summer dresses; green hair.
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4. Have an ice cream day.

For some pretty explicable reasons, food seems to be a common theme around 420. And, seeing as we mentioned cooking, we thought it best to bring in freezing as well. In this case, one of the greatest concoctions known to humankind, and in many people’s imaginations a thing that heaven would be made of: ice cream.

Ice cream; ice cream sundae; dessert.
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5. Have an art and/or music day.

Why not spend all day drawing, painting, listening to and/or making music? Sounds like the ideal way to spend 4/20. Bring all of your friends around and have a great big jam! The ultimate 4/20 experience. Art, music, food … Ultimately your own mini-festival.

Art; violin; music; musical notes; scales.
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Picture by Ractapopulous.


6. Have a BBQ.

Need there be an excuse to miss out on a chance to have a BBQ? Whether slow-cooked ribs and briskets are your thing, or you’re more of a jackfruit slider person, there’s always something great you can make with the aid of fire and a grill.

Grill; BBQ; meat; 420 celebrations.
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7. Try a new ingestion method.

If you’ve never done an edible or some tincture before, then sitting at home where you’re comfortable and not taking too much can be the ideal experience. Spend the day eating good food, listening to good music, doing a little reading, watching a film, going out for a small walk somewhere nice and with a view if possible … Sounds blissful.

Tincture Made at Home
Homemade Tincture

8. A games night.

Whether computer games are your thing, or you’re more of a tabletop person, then a games night might well be your thing. Thanks to emulators, you can now do a 90s multiplayer classic of Street Fighter II, Bomberman and NBA Jam. Or if you’re one of those hardcore “I like to whiz around and shoot things”, then maybe your first-person shooter of choice (has the Doom engine really been bettered?). We’re sure some of you prefer to wander around in non-digital realms as well, so it could be more of a Cosmic Encounter, Descent or Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective type night. Did I hear a nerd alarm go off somewhere?

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Should you wish to really make a holiday of it, you could do one or more of the above, and maybe combine it with some of the going out and meeting other like-minded people as well! It’s always nice going out and finding new people to stay in with!

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