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Award Winning Casting Director to Cast a Documentary on Medical Cannabis Patients

Mark Summers is an award-winning Casting Director who has worked with  some of the biggest stars from Hollywood and beyond. He is one of those guys who some in the entertainment industry might call “a legend behind the scenes”. With over 14,000 credits to his name, Mark’s clients include Jason Reitman, Jon Favreau, David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Beyonce … and many many more.

However, Mark wants to help tell a story of a different group of people: those in need of Medical Cannabis. Having worked with literally thousands of people from all sorts of backgrounds, he’s seen – like we all have – illness and injury wreak havoc on people’s lives.
International Award Winning Casting Director

Mark wants to help tell a story of a different group of people: those in need of Medical Marijuana.  …the time to properly study cannabis’s medical potential has come”

“I thought of cannabis as being no different from opium and other hard drugs. I came from a generation where anything that wasn’t alcohol or tobacco was demonized. The idea of cannabis having medicinal value was something only hippies believed in.”

Has Mark changed his attitude towards the idea of cannabis as medicine?

“Yes and no. Like many people, I’m sceptical of the idea of “cure alls”, and I certainly do not think that any plant should be seen as a sort of “Holy Grail” of medicine. Yet, I’ve seen so many athletes and dancers succumb to addiction to painkillers in order to manage their injuries.

They start by taking one pill, and then needing another pill in order to counteract the effects of the first pill, and then a third pill to counteract the effects of the second pill … The cycle continues …Of course, it’s not just sports stars and athletes who are caught in such cycles.”

The conversation turns personal: “I met Doctor Frank when he recommended medical cannabis for a close friend of mine who was diagnosed with Cancer. He’d started going through treatment and it was taking it’s toll.  I was sceptical but the effects of the cannabis were amazing and immediate.”

marijuana cannabis indica strain
Medical Marijuana

This was the beginning of my journey into really thinking of cannabis as medicinal and understanding it’s therapeutic effects.  I’ve been blown by some of patients I’ve come into contact with. Their stories and so many different conditions that have been treated by cannabis from arthritis to pet injuries!  A lot of the people I’ve spoken to, turned to it as a last resort. That’s why it’s important that people know of it’s potential medicinal benefits.

When Doctor Frank asked Mark to cast a documentary for him, he jumped at the chance. ‘As a casting director, my job is to find incredible stories from real people around the world and help tell those stories.  I do this for the biggest companies in the world, and this time, I want to hear from patients who’ve used medical cannabis.

Mark Summers
Mark Summers

“I think it’s time to have an open conversation (on cannabis) without the stigma.”

I want to know:

  • Do you have a medical condition and have used cannabis? Or do you know someone who does?
  • Do you use cannabis for sports or dance injuries ?
  • Maybe it’s become legal in your state or country and it’s turned your life around for the better?
  • Maybe it’s not legal where you live and you put yourself at risk from getting treatment and in trouble with the law?
  • Maybe you started using cannabis to treat a condition later in life, as a last option, after finding pharmaceuticals made it worse?
  • Maybe you’re a angel who grows (legally or illegally) in order to provide sick people ?
  • We want those in need of medical cannabis to start coming forward and telling us how and why they need it.
  • We also want to hear if you have had a negative experience.

It seems to me that the time has come to explore cannabis’s medical potential. I think it’s time to open the conversation without the stigma. Without feeling ashamed. More and more information is becoming available and a shift is happening in people’s perception, especially amongst people of my generation and older. People have started to consider medical cannabis as an option in order to live a fulfilling, non-painful life.

You can reach out and tell your story to us by emailing [email protected]  You can also record your story on a video using your phone or PC and share it with us.

I believe this is an important story to tell.  So, whether it’s autism, epilepsy, MS, Cancer, PTSD, diabetes, depression, sports & work injuries, asthma, CFS or any other condition you use cannabis to find relief from, we want you to #ShareYourStory
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