Top 5 Cannabis Products for Insomnia

Now, we’re going to have to make the same disclaimer we usually do: we do not know if these products are “top”, “the best” or even if they work for everyone (or at all). Then there’s the problem of whether they’ve been tested for accuracy in terms of their cannabinoid-terpenoid profiles, as well as for pollutants and pathogens (mold, mildew, bacteria etc.). Yet, despite all of this, there are a significant number of studies out there showing that cannabis could be a useful treatment for insomnia. Certainly, when comparing cannabis to some of the addictive pills that are prescribed for those with insomnia (usually benzodiazepines), cannabis could be said to be the more tolerable option.So, how do we judge what the best cannabis product for insomnia is? Honestly, the only thing we can look at is what patients are saying, the number of awards they’ve won and whether or not the company making the product has tested it for consistency,safety and efficacy. So, with all that in mind, here are some products that may help you for your insomnia (this list is not ranked in any way) …

  1. Dosist – “Sleep” Vape Pen

Dosist claims that its vape pens are scientifically designed and consumer- & lab- tested, as well as delivering consistent dosing with their version of vape pens. Their “sleep” pen contains THC, CBD (more THC than CBD), limonene, nerolidol, myrcene, linalool and terpineol – all terpenoids with sedative and/or relaxing effects.

vape Pen; Dosist cannabis pen; Dosist insomnia; insomnia relief
“Sleep” by Dosist. Picture from

2. Kiva Terra Bites – Blueberry Milk Chocolate

Terra Bites by Kiva Confections are small, bite-sized chocolate-covered snacks. There are two main flavors: dark chocolate covered espresso beans, and milk chocolate covered blueberries. For obvious reasons, the espresso beans are not going to be what you’re looking for if you’re treating insomnia! Packs are stated to contain a total of 120 mg THC, with every bit containing approximately 5 mg of THC (meaning that there are probably around 24 bites in each pack). This product also won several “Best Edible” awards in 2017.

Kiva Confectionary; Terra Bites; artisinal chocolate; medicated edibles; microdosing cannabis; cannabis edibles' marijuana edibles.
Kiva Confectionary’s milk chocolate-covered blueberries. Picture from

3. Whoopi & Maya – “Soak”

Is there much out there that’s more relaxing than a nice, long, hot bath? Yes there is, and that is having a medicated bath. In this case, rather than using a vape whilst in the shower, it’s a cannabis-infused Epsom Salt bath that you can soak in to help beat any aches, pains and cramps. Scented candles and a significant other are optional!

Epsom Salt; bath salt; cannabis-infused bath salt; marijuana bath soak; Whoopi & Maya
Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis-infused bath time salt. picture from

4. Cannabliss Care – Funny Honey – Indica-Infused Wildflower Honey

A combination of raw honey and cannabis? Sounds great! Raw honey has antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti allergenic, immune stimulant and cell regenerative properties. Whether or not this raw honey works in synergy with cannabis and the health benefits it imparts, we do not know, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there was. There are two sizes available – 4 oz. jars and 12 oz. jars. A four ounce jar contains approximately 24 teaspoons, and the company recommends a dosage of between 1 and 4 teaspoons for desired effect. Funny Honey could be very useful, and can easily be taken by mixing into a hot drink about 30 mins – 1 hour before bed.

Wildflower honey; cannabis-infused honey; marijuana edibles; funny honey; medicated honey.
Funny honey Indica-Infused Wildflower Honey. Picture from

5. Alta California Botanicals – insomnia Relief Tincture

Said to contain a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBN, with some CBD and THCA, Alta California’s product could very well be very useful for insomnia. They also show their test results on their website, which is a good thing. This tincture may have some mild psychoactive effect.

cannabis tincture; marijuana tincture; Alta cannabis; insomnia relief tincture
Insomnia Relief Tincture. Picture from

Finally, there are also a few things to look out for when it comes to judging whether or not a particular product or strain could be useful for insomnia. These include:

Ensuring that there is a blend of both CBD and THC. Whilst CBD is an anxiolytic, in small doses and without any THC, it may be more “awakening” than “sleepy”. Similarly, if there is a lot of THC but little or no CBD, then the effect may be more “energizing” than “relaxing”. Whilst there is no definitive scientific proof of this, it may be worth trying out a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1 in order to balance out any of the more “up” effects. Also, THC may have an “energizing effect” for some time, followed by a “sleepy” effect as THC increases the amount of adenosine found in the body.

  • Pay attention to the terpenes. Myrcene in particular, but humulene, linalool and high amounts of limonene are also worth paying attention to, as they can all potentially aide sleep. Myrcene seems to be particularly abundant in indica strains and some hybrids, and terpenoids like linalool are often found in “flowery”, “lavender” smelling strains of cannabis.
  • Microdosing edibles may help, and their effects last longer. We will, of course, reiterate that you should be very careful when it comes to edibles. Also, edibles can take longer for any effect to become apparent, so it may be necessary to dose ar at least 1 hour before going to bed in order to utilize the advantages of this ingestion method.
  • Cannabinol (CBN) has a sedating effect, and is the result of degraded THC. Interestingly, this means that older cannabis may have more “sleepy” effects.

Check out our study if you want to know more about cannabis and its potential use for insomnia, as well as chronic pain, depression, anxiety and headache/migraine.

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