Karen’s Amazing Story with Medical Cannabis

We’ve had pairs as guests for the past couple of weeks on Elevate the Conversation discussing all things marijuana. Last week it was Swami Chaitanya and Nikki Lastreto of Swami Select and the week before was Michael Gurley and Phil Leavit of bands Dada & 7Horse. As good things come in threes, we’ve decided to have two guests on this week as well.

So, onto this Thursday’s guests. One of them is the fantastic Karen Kinne. You can catch her story on our Youtube video below and see what she’s up to on her blog: gettingbakedwithmom.com

However, to give you the gist of what this video is about and what you might expect on Elevate the Conversation this week.

Karen Kinne is not at all what you’d expect when you see a medical marijuana/cannabis user. She is the opposite of what you might expect a stereotypical stoner. She’s not a beach-bumming surfer, long-haired hippy or misunderstood artist (not that we know of, anyway). In fact, the best stereotype to describe Karen is “your typical American mom, complete with apple pie.”

Yet, Karen is what we might call the “new breed” of medical marijuana users. She is part of the new wave of cannabis users: middle aged people who may have never used cannabis before, but whose conditions very much merit it. As marijuana becomes legalized (by the state if not federally, at least) and the science proving its efficacy for a whole host of conditions comes out, more and more people are switching over from addictive opiate-/opioid- based painkillers and onto medical marijuana.

Karen is one such person. She moved to California from Michigan about four years ago. Around the same time, she started to develop lower back problems, and pretty soon the pain became unbearable. Activities that she enjoys, like hiking and rollerblading, became a chore. Moreover, Karen had major intolerances to opioid-based painkillers, and the ibuprofen she started to take in ever-greater amounts had started to wreak havoc with her stomach.

Then, Karen was introduced to medical marijuana – and in particular cannabidiol (CBD) oil – by her son, who himself has pains from sports injuries. Within fifteen minutes of taking CBD oil, Karen felt the pain in her lower back melt away. Thinking the effect might be psychosomatic, she tried it again the next day. The effect was the same, and has been the same ever since.

Karen is now able to do all the things she used to enjoy – taking her 16 year-old Australian Shepherd out for walks, hiking and rollerblading – without any pain. Medical marijuana has definitely improved the quality of Karen’s life.

If you’d like to find out more about Karen and Tony, tune in to Elevate the Conversation this Thursday on UBN Radio at 9 pm or on Facebook Live.

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