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Women Abuv Ground (WAG) is an organization providing women and people of color with the tools to get ahead in the marijuana industry’s “Green Rush”. This includes education, connections and support networks. This means workshops, classes and seminars for all of the organization’s members.

As we here at Doctor Frank’s are all about giving people the chance and ability to grow their own, we were intrigued by WAG. We decided to have a small pre-show interview with founder Bonita “Bo” Money before having her on Elevate the Conversation.

You have assembled a group of amazing women as part of Women Abuv Ground. Did this happen organically or did you go on a mission to find them?

When I initially began my venture into the cannabis business, I didn’t have much support. I had to do my own research to determine my place and career options in the industry. As a woman of color, I was looking for ways to connect with others like me, but there wasn’t an organization to nurture these types of relationships. I knew I had to change this dynamic.

So, I founded Women Abuv Ground (WAG), a professional networking organization dedicated to educating and empowering minority women in the emerging cannabis industry. I started WAG after realizing there was a void in the industry for people of color. This inspired me to create a networking group for people of color that would provide an environment of empowerment, support, education and encouragement as well as offer resources and mentorship to women interested and invested in the cannabis industry. I feel a need to reach out and give a hand to other women who may not know how or where to start a career and/or business in the cannabis business.

cannacool lounge medical marijuana cannabis
Bonita and Montel Williams at the Cannacool Lounge event.

We officially launched WAG this month – during Black History Month – with a splashy, pre-Grammy Awards party, called the CannaCool Lounge. For the 420-friendly community, the signature, lifestyle CannaCool Lounge offered cannabis connoisseurs a chance to explore new brands as well as cannabis-infused food and drinks.

The CannaCool Lounge brought out familiar faces from various areas of the entertainment industry as well as industry leaders in the world of cannabis. The celebrity-driven event gave cannabis lovers an opportunity to enjoy the various offerings of cannabis in an entertaining setting.

Most importantly, WAG honored Emmy Award-winning TV personality Montel Williams with its first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award for using his celebrity to bring awareness to medical cannabis for the treatment of chronic illnesses.

In fact, Montel talks about the need for diversity on the Roland Martin Show, which airs on TV One.

We love your tag line “Girls compete, women empower”. Can you tell us what your initial inspiration was to empower more women to become part of the cannabis industry?

Women are changing the face of the cannabis industry. Women are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts. We’re also the breadwinners, healers and nurturers of the household, making important financial decisions for the good of the family and being fiscally responsible for the household. As states continue to legalize medical marijuana – and therefore lessen its stigma – it will become a viable option to manage and cure chronic health problems. It will be us, women, choosing how to medicate and heal family members.

Also, I think the major obstacles keeping women from entering the industry are finances, education and discrimination. In starting any business, you need capital. Expensive start-up and application fees, plus, having the financial resources for a start-up cannabis business can be challenging. Plus, women face racial and gender discrimination in business, along with a fair share of sexism.

Just like starting any business, you want to attend workshops and talk with other women who can offer some advice and direction. Women with an entrepreneurial spirit want to cultivate important relationships with other successful businesswomen and learn the tricks of the trade.

Again, I encourage everyone to join the green revolution! If you have a desire to be in the cannabis industry, I encourage you to bring your talents and skill set to the cannabis industry. There are so many areas and career opportunities in the industry, and you never have to touch the plant!

Doctor Frank believes that cannabis is medicine pure and simple. Can you give us your thoughts on the healing plant?

Absolutely! I began my research of the cannabis industry and became very interested in the healing properties of marijuana. As I traveled to cannabis-related social events and conventions, I learned the ins and outs of the cannabis business. I decided to specialize in the use of cannabis for health and beauty reasons – that is, oils, topicals and creams – forgoing the cultivation route or running a medical marijuana dispensary.

that glass jar cannabis cream medical marijuana
That Glass Jar is a cannabis cream that can treat a variety of conditions.

I co-created That Glass Jar™ with my partner and cannapreneur Michelle Bell. That Glass Jar is an organic, herbal cannabis-infused cream that cures Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, commonly known as MRSA. Normally MRSA infections occur in people staying in health facilities like hospitals, nursing homes and dialysis centers.

Initially, I created That Glass Jar for a friend – that is, Dutch actress/model Princess Inge Hazebrook of the Netherlands – whose breast was infected with MRSA, and there no treatment in sight. After four days of using the cannabis-based cream, Princess Inge was miraculously healed. Her doctors called it a miracle. Word spread about That Glass Jar as Princess Inge shared pictures of her recovery on Facebook, and soon other friends and followers wanted the cream in “that glass jar.” The name stuck. That Glass Jar can also treat a variety of ailments from sun burns, eczema and psoriasis to arthritis, fibromyalgia and some forms of skin cancer.

So, I really believe in the power of organic healing.

If you want to know more about the magical properties of my cannabis-infused cream, That Glass Jar, visit www.thatglassjar.com or look it up on Facebook.

Get social with Bonita “Bo” Money on Facebook, or on Twitter @BonitaMoney and Instagram @BoMoney27.

Want to be a part of the green revolution? Check out Women Abuv Ground on its website www.womenabuvground.com, on Facebook or on Instagram @WomenAbuvGround.

Tune in on Thursday 2 March at 9 pm PST on UBN Radio if you’d like to hear more from Bonita and what she has to say about the cannabis industry as it stands today.


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