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Comedian Thomas Easter on Elevate The Conversation

We here at Dr. Frank’s have a thing for comedians. Why? Perhaps it’s their gutsiness – anyone willing to stand on stage all by themselves and attempting to make people laugh has to have some chutzpah. Thomas Easter is no different in this regard, and we have him talking to Dr. Frank on Thursday 02/02/2017 at 9pm PST on Facebook Live or UBN Radio.

Comedians also tend to have an interesting relationship with marijuana, with legends like Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks and George Carlin all promoting or defending its use. Oh, and comedians tend to spend a lot of time touring in vans.

A good standup comedian is probably no different from a rock star in this regard, and it’s not hard seeing the similarities between the two. Stages, marijuana and touring in vans are all very rock n’ roll indeed! Like most comedians, Thomas Easter is a bit of a musician, too. He calls himself the “Freestyle Master”, as he can rap and loves to rhyme from the top of the dome.

However, touring is tough, and spending most of your life cooped up in a van and driving all day can take its toll. We shouldn’t be surprised that many musicians, comedians and other artists on the road end up using (and abusing) alcohol, prescription painkillers and other substances.

The temptation to “let loose” is hard when most of your life is spent driving from one place to the other, and the fact that all sorts of people like to offer “free” substances to rockstar comedians almost certainly adds to the pressure of “living up to the lifestyle” or “image”. Keeping one’s self away from a negative environment is every bit as important as keeping the mind occupied when going on long rides between points “A” and “B”.

Experienced road warriors realize that eating well, sleeping well, reading, keeping fit and, yes, using medical marijuana can keep one’s mind occupied as well as creative. As Thomas Easter says when we asked whether his marijuana use is “medical” or “recreational”:

“My use is recreational and medicinal. The recreation side is to relax and enjoy the small things. The medicinal side is for aches and pains.”

The fact is, trundling along in a van for thousands of miles eventually becomes painful. The lack of sleep, sitting in the same position for hours at a time and the difficulty of eating properly takes its toll on the body. Using medical marijuana – and keeping away from prescription painkillers – is often great advice for those who spend their lives on the road.

Thomas Easter, like most comedians and musicians we know, tends to agree. In fact, Easter is very pro-medical marijuana, and broadcasts his sessions, named “420 Perismokin’”, every Monday–Friday at 4:20 pm on https://www.periscope.tv. You may also catch him by seeing his uploaded Periscope videos on Youtube. Easter tends to pack a pipe or bong bowl and has a chat (as well as a few laughs) with several of his friends and other special guests on his show.

Thomas also has to get back to Marty’s at Sunset Boulevard (7351 West Sunset Boulevard, CA 90046) every Saturday, where he has residence. Thomas’s set can be heard any time between 5 and 11 pm on Saturday at Marty’s Open Mic, so be sure to go on over and see him live, if you get the chance. Of course, you can listen to Thomas by tuning in to Elevate the Conversation on Thursday at 9 pm and having a laugh with us.

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