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Interview with Chuck Bronson on Elevate the Conversation

Cannabis and comedy go together like coffee and cream. In fact, they go together so well, that there’s an entire genre devoted to it – the “stoner comedy”. That is, a comedy film/program usually targeted specifically at making stoners laugh (e.g. the great Cheech and Chong films).

“Well, that’s like shooting fish in a barrel,” you say. Well, that may be so, but there’s a not-so-surprising twist to the tale: most of your favourite comedians, from Lenny Bruce to Robin Williams to George Carlin to Mitch Hedberg (R.I.P one and all), more than likely use or used marijuana.

Chuck Bronson is not much different in this regard. Hopefully Chuck won’t fall to the same fate as many comedians and his father did before him – drug and alcohol addiction. Chuck has likely learned his lessons young, and came to realise that marijuana is a substance quite unlike other drugs (and perhaps not a drug at all):

“Weed seems to be less detrimental than all the other substances a person might want to partake in. I’m sure it’s much safer than anything else an addict may be doing.”

Like many comedians, Chuck Bronson has been through several rough patches. First, he shares the name of the great Charles “Chuck” Bronson, which are some mighty big shoes to fill. Secondly, Chuck’s alcoholic, heroin addicted dad abandoned the family when Chuck was three, leaving his mother to work seemingly endless hours to support three children. Chuck would steal food and school supplies from local stores in order to lighten his mother’s workload.

Want to read more clichéd background stories of a comedian’s life? Then read on! Chuck Bronson would use his challenging upbringing and channel his energies into comedy. Bronson honed his ability to make people laugh at school, eventually landing the title of “class clown” at graduation. Bronson would use this as a launchpad of sorts, and set about following his childhood dream of becoming a comedian.

Chuck Bronson has proven to be at least somewhat successful in his endeavours. He has spent the last six years writing, producing and performing nationwide, and bearing his soul to audiences from state to state. Asking Chuck his favourite place and which city/state is most accepting of the cannabis community, he answered: “Pretty much all of Colorado. It’s a relaxed, mature weed environment. No one seems bothered by it being there. The people there who use it are respectful and responsible with it as well. No one’s going around being a jerk blowing blunt smoke in people’s faces.”

Chuck himself uses marijuana for both the medical and “fun”, creativity-unlocking aspects of it:

“…It [marijuana] helps me with muscle spasms in my back, and soreness from a torn labrum repair. I do enjoy the high as well. I think I wrote funnier bits when I’m high but I don’t think that qualifies as a medical condition.”

Oh, and when Chuck gets the munchies, strawberry or cherry Pop Tarts are his snack of choice (just so you know).

If you want to learn more about Chuck Bronson, tune in to Dr. Frank’s Elevate the Conversation this Thursday on UBN at 9 p.m. Pacific Time. We will also be airing the show live on Facebook and Instagram. We post videos up on our Youtube channel, too and you can join in and ask your questions  via Twitter using #JoinTheConvo. In the meantime, keep the good fight going, and do what you can to make marijuana legal for all those who need it.


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