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Tony Klein on Elevate the Conversation

So, how did Tony Klein come into being? Apparently, it involved a lightning strike in the city of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the autumn of 1982, just as the World Series was ending – a lightning strike that produced the loudest thunder clap of all time.

The electrical storm was relatively small and localized, but awesome enough for a nearby housewife to explore and check out the hubbub (or din, fracas, commotion, cacophony, hurly-burly and any number of great synonyms). Whilst checking out the scene, she found a huge crater, at the bottom of which was a young child.

The housewife would see the child and, in a case that was clearly not a kidnapping or a crime of any sort, take him in as one of her own. Also, upon seeing a slightly injured toe and knee, “Toe-Knee” would become “Tony”.

Now, we’re not sure how scientifically accurate this, but we’re willing to accept that such a story is within the realm of possibility. Alas, every time we tried to inquire about Tony’s strange birth, he quickly changed the subject and somehow got us to ask the questions below …

When you partake in cannabis use do you feel its recreational, medicinal or both and why?

It’s definitely both. I like the CBD effect for aches and pains of the body and the THC effect for the aches and pains of the real world.

When you tour nationally on the comedy circuit, what city or cities have you found to be the most accepting of the cannabis community?

I’d say anywhere on the coasts of the country. Middle America tends to demonize cannabis, but they’re getting better. I was home in Milwaukee for a wedding and I told a buddy I smoked weed. From the judgement on his face I might as well told him I used heroin. However I always seem to find the right circle to smoke with though. Seattle and Denver are awesome! I am extremely impressed at how clean and organized the stores are. Los Angeles needs to step its game up.

How did you decide to enter the world of comedy?

Comedy was something I was always into. I grew up listening and watching comedy. It wasn’t until I moved to LA when I was like, “maybe I’ll do stand up?”

Can you share a cannabis comedy moment with us?

I’ve done shows in a bunch of different places. I did a show at a dispensary once, for a bunch of dabbers. Their laughter was a good 30 seconds after the punchlines. Which as a comic can seem like an eternity. Part of my payment was a free dab. I did my set sober and after I smoked the dab. As luck would have it I got hit up for another show that same night. The shoe was on the other foot, I was about 30 seconds late with the delivery of every punchline. It was actually beneficial, I tend to talk fast.

Where can people next see your set live/please tell us about any upcoming event you would like us to share?

Locally I have a monthly show at The Westside Comedy Theater, the 3rd Thursday of every month and I have a weekly show every Wednesday at The Pikey in Hollywood. All of my out of city dates are on my website, tonykleincomedian.com.

Tony will be on Elevate the Conversation and having what the British call a “chin-wag” this Thursday at 9 pm PST on UBN Radio and Facebook Live, alongside Karen Kinney. Be sure to tune in.

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