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State Laws


Delaware’s Medical Marijuana Program is a bit of a minefield. This is because, while cannabis can still be recommended by physicians with a license to practice in Delaware, the state’s program has largely been suspended. Though terminally ill patients can still get a medical marijuana referral, possession of up to an ounce is still punishable by a fine. Carry any more, and the possibility of criminal proceedings and jail time increases.

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There have been changes in the law in recent times, as the law in Delaware surrounding medical marijuana was amended and expanded in order to prevent prosecutions of the sick and to extend the Medical Marijuana Program to terminally ill patients.

Here’s how to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Delaware

1.Go to Your Physician! Confirm Your Health Problems

A rather obvious first step, but we thought to mention it. Make sure you get your condition(s) recognized. The following are the main conditions marijuana is recommended for:

2. Get a Hold of Your Medical Records

Once your condition has been confirmed by a physician, you can get a copy of your medical records describing and detailing your condition. Plus, any past instances of your condition(s) will help with your application.

3. Fill Out the Form

Forms may be found in your doctor’s office, but you may download it and complete a form from here: Completed application forms must include:

  • Photographic ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, ID card)
  • A copy of your doctor’s signed recommendation
  • Proof of address (e.g. rent or mortgage agreement, bank statement, utility bill)

Completed forms and attachments should be sent to:

Delaware Division of Public Health

ATTN: MMP, Suite 130
417 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901

4. Wait for Your Card

As with many states, it can take up to thirty days to get your Medical Marijuana Card approved, made and delivered. These cards usually contain your name, date of birth, unique card number, photograph, date of issue and date of expiry. Cards need to be renewed annually.

5. Enjoy Delaware’s Only Dispensary!

Delaware only has one medical marijuana dispensary, known as the First State Compassion Center. The center is located in Wilmington (37 Germay Drive, Wilmington DE 19804), and has indica, sativa and hybrid flowers available for patients. There are more dispensaries planned for in the future, but this will depend upon state approval.

Delaware’s attitude towards medical marijuana is improving slowly but surely. However, for the moment, even medical patients ought to be careful with the amounts they carry with them in public.