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State Laws


Maine has recently voted to make cannabis legal for recreational use, although medical use has been allowed in Maine for quite some time. Maine also has some of the more forgiving laws and regulations surrounding marijuana in comparison to other states, especially for those from states other than Maine.

For the moment, it is legal for a person to carry up to just slightly over 2.5 ounces (71g, to be precise) on their person. Up to 6 plants can be grown for an individual. Caregivers can provide service for up to 5 people, so 6 plants each (a total of 30 plants). Commercial growers will need a special license.

For anyone looking to come to California who’s in need of a Medical Marijuana Card, book an appointment and have a chat with Dr. Frank, online or in-person. The state of Maine offers medical marijuana card (MMC) recommendations online via telehealth. You do not need to have a prior relationship to a physician in order to qualify for a MMC. We here at Doctor Frank’s should be able to help you with a recommendation for Maine, so get onto telehealth and see if you qualify!

For those who need cannabis or any of its extracts for medicinal purposes, here’s how you get a Maine Medical Marijuana Card:

1.Find a Doctor

Though your primary or family doctor can confirm your condition and provide a medical history, not all doctors will necessarily recommend marijuana for medical use. You can therefore find a sympathetic medical doctor who will more likely recommend you. However, in Maine, it must be proven that the patient and doctor have a relationship, so several appointments will probably have to be made.

 2. Confirm Your Condition

Marijuana has broad spectrum medical applications. In the state of Maine, the following are the main conditions for which marijuana is usually medically recommended for:

Once your condition is confirmed, you will be given a Physician’s Statement.

3. Fill Out Your Application Form

Once you have a Physician’s Statement/Referral, you will be given an application form to fill in. You must give your details and include the following with your application form:

  • Maine driver’s license or photographic ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Physician’s Statement

As stated earlier, there is some leniency with regards to Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program. Those with out-of-state and valid Medical Marijuana Cards can voluntarily register for the Medical Marijuana Program and they may be able to buy from a dispensary should they have a letter from a licensed physician from another state written within 30 days of their visit.

The other leniency Maine has for medical marijuana patients is that the application process (either new or renewals) is free. Caregivers, however, must pay $300 for their application process, although it is also free if they are not cultivating

4.  Send Your Application Through

Once you have your application filled out and supporting documents attached, send it to:

Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program (MMMP)
Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services
Department of Health and Human Services
ATTN: Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program
11 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

Phone: 207-287-4325

Applications and cards are usually processed and issued within 30 days of the form being received.

 5. Start Using Your Medical Marijuana Card

Once you have your card and Physician’s Statement, you can start visiting and using Maine’s medical marijuana dispensaries.