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State Laws

New Hampshire

Marijuana is legal for medical use in New Hampshire. As a patient, people are permitted to carry up to two ounces, but patients are not allowed to cultivate at home and there are few state-licensed dispensaries in New Hampshire.

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Here is how to get a medical marijuana care in New Hampshire:

1.Go to your Primary Care Physician

The first thing to do is obtain your medical records. These records need to show a history of any of the following qualifying conditions:

2. Get Approval

Your physician will need to verify you are a qualifying patient with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) by filling out a form named ‘Written Certification of For The Therapeutic Use of Cannabis’ form. You can send this form to your doctor digitally. They will need to return it to you for submission with your application.

3. Start Your Application

Once you have given your doctor the written certification form, you can start your application form, which can be found here:

Complete and read the form carefully, as it details all the terms and conditions of the program. You must be a resident in the state of New Hampshire, and provide proof of residency. If you don’t have a New Hampshire ID card, you can use an out of state ID card or your passport along with a bank statement or utility bill.

You will also need to submit a digital photo of yourself. This will be used for your medical marijuana card. The photo you submit must conform to the following restrictions:

  • The photo must be in .jpg format and supplied on a CD labelled with your full name and date of birth.
  • This image must be taken in natural colour and be a front image of your full face
  • It must contain a white background and your face must take up at least 70% of the photo
  • Do not wear a hat, sunglasses or anything that covers your face
  • Treat it like a passport photo
  • The photo must be taken no more than 30 days prior to application

4. Submit Your Application

Your application must include a check or money order made payable to the ‘Treasurer, State of New Hampshire’, for the non-refundable application fee of $50.
The application must also include your  ‘Written Certification of For The Therapeutic Use of Cannabis’ form.
Send your full application in the mail or hand deliver to this address:

NH Department of Health & Human Services
Therapeutic Cannabis Program
129 Pleasant Street,
Brown Building
NH 03301-3857

5. Wait for Your Card

Your application approval can take up to 20 days from the date your application is received by “The Therapeutic Cannabis Program”. They are usually approved or rejected within 15 days. The program will send your card within 5 days. If your application is incomplete, they will let you know within 10 days of receiving it, detailing the missing parts of your application. You then have 30 days to send the missing information to them for approval.