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New Jersey

New Jersey has a Medical Marijuana Program (MMP) that affords patients legal protection under the New Jersey Medical Marijuana law. Like several other states throughout the United States (and unlike several others), patients are not allowed to cultivate their own marijuana. Patients must buy their marijuana from a licensed dispensary. Registration is also mandatory for medical marijuana in New Jersey.

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In order to get a hold of a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Identity Card (MMIC), follow these steps:

new jersey marijuana laws

1.Do You Suffer From a Relevant Condition?

Medical marijuana can be recommended for the following:

Should you suffer from one of the above, it may well be worth taking a look at how marijuana can help make your life that little bit easier.

2. Go to Your Doctor

Set up a meeting with your doctor, confirm your condition and request your medical records. Once you have your condition confirmed, you may then request a signed Physician’s Statement for medical marijuana. However, some doctors may not recommend medical marijuana, and you may choose to find a more compassionate doctor if this is the case.

 3. Get Your ID Number

Once certified, the physician begins the patient’s online application service. The physician is required to provide the patient’s name, address, date of birth and confirmation of their condition. The physician will usually ask for proof of address and identity in order to ensure the patient is who they say they are. Once this information is submitted, a secure patient ID number is generated. The doctor will then give the patient a copy of this ID number.

4. Fill Out the Application Form

Once the patient has their ID number, they must put this number down on their application form and complete filling out the rest. Application forms can be either finished online or printed out, completed and mailed to:

New Jersey Department of Health (DOH)
P.O. Box 360
Trenton, NJ 08625-0360
Phone: 609-292-0424


The registry fee is $200, or $20 for those who qualify for state or federal assistance programs. Registration is mandatory in order for patients to legally buy marijuana from a licensed New Jersey dispensary.

5. Await Your MMIC

Once you have submitted your application and paid the fee, you will be sent a New Jersey MMIC, assuming the DOH accepts your application. It can take up to thirty days for a MMIC application to be processed and issued. New Jersey MMICs include the patient’s photograph, name, date of birth and unique ID number, and unlike in many other states are valid for up to 2 years.

Then, once you have your MMIC (laminate your Physician’s Statement, too, for future reference), you can enjoy some of New Jersey’s dispensaries and start sampling some amazing flowers, concentrates, tinctures, edibles, topicals and more.