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Medical Marijuana is legal in New York, and can be obtained and used safely, without fear of police arrest if you have a Medical Marijuana Card. If you’re coming over from New York and staying in California for work, family, friends or more, and you qualify for medical marijuana card in New York, why not come see Dr. Frank? Book an appointment online today, and you can even take your examination online, too.

Here is how to get your MMJ card in New York:

1.Contact Your Physician

Your doctor must be registered with the Department of Health. you will need to contact them regarding Medical Marijuana and if it is right for you. Then they will need to provide you with your relevant medical records and they will also need to authenticate and issue a certificate to you.

However, New York’s rules regarding getting a medical marijuana card (MMC) are relaxing somewhat. You no longer need to have a prior relationship to a physician in order to qualify for a MMC – you can get recommended online via telehealth from a doctor of your choice, as long as they are able to practice in the state of New York.

2. Make Sure Your Condition is Accepted

New York State constitutes which conditions marijuana can be used for medically within its laws. If your certificate issued matches one of these conditions then you are in the clear:

3. Fill Out Your Application Online

Once you possess your certification, you must register with the Medical Marijuana program through the Department of Health’s online Patient Registration System, found here:

You will first need to create an account and then click the “Health Applications” icon, and then the “Medical Marijuana Data Management System” proceed to the application form. Proof of residency will be required, this can be any of the following:

  • a copy of a lease
  • a utility bill
  • a hospital bill or other documentation which contains sufficient information to show proof of temporary residency in New York State.
  • You will also need to provide photographic identification, the Department of Health will accept:

– New York State Driver’s License
– New York State Non-Driver ID Card
If you do not have either of these forms of ID, a recent passport-style color photograph taken against a white background or backdrop can be provided. The photograph must be a true likeness taken within 30 days of applying for registration and must not be altered to change any aspect of your physical appearance. The photo must be uploaded in .jpeg or .jpg format.

4. Submit with Documentation and Wait for Your Card

You can expect to see your Medical Marijuana Card within 3 business days of your application submission date. Once you have received your card you will have to show your registry card along with the certificate your physician gave you each time you visit a dispensary or provider.

5. The Fee Comes Later

The State of New York will not ask you for any money upon application. They will send you a bill at a later date for the registration fees applicable, amounting to $50.


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