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State Laws


Ohio has recently established a Medical Marijuana Program (MMP). So far, the state allows for a maximum of a 90-day supply of medical marijuana, although how much this is precisely is yet to be decided. Registration to the Ohio MMP is mandatory, and patients must possess a valid Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) in order to take advantage of the state’s MMP.

Those of you who are from Ohio and looking to visit California ought to book an appointment with Dr. Frank in order to get their medical marijuana card. You can take your appointment online if getting to California from Ohio proves to be too difficult. Of course, if you’re in town, feel free to book an appointment with Dr. Frank in-person, too.

In the meantime, here’s how to get a MMIC in Ohio …

1. What’s Your Condition?

In order to qualify for Ohio’s MMP, you must suffer from one or more of the following conditions:

2. Get Your Condition Confirmed

If you suffer from one of the above, it is likely it will be noted on your medical records. (Unless you’re undiagnosed. In which case, you ought to be careful and book an appointment right away – the above conditions are potentially deadly.) Once confirmed, your doctor can provide you with a Physician’s Statement recommending you for medical marijuana.

3. Register for the Ohio MMP

Once you have your Physician’s Statement, patients must register with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. In order to do this, you must have valid, state-issued identification (e.g. passport, driving license, ID card) and proof of residency (e.g. bank statement, utility bill) alongside your Physician’s Statement.

4. Send in Your Application

Ohio is still establishing its MMP, so fees are yet to be determined and application forms are not necessarily available as of yet. So far, 2018 is looking to be the date the Ohio MMP is likely to be established. Meanwhile, patients with a Physician’s Statement can jump ahead of the curve and get themselves registered by writing to or visiting the following:
Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program

77 South High Street, 17th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (616) 466-4143



5. Await the Dispensaries!

Once you have your card and the applications for dispensaries go through, you can start enjoying professionally-grown medical marijuana. However, the ability for patients to cultivate their own may well come to fruition sooner rather than later, so you may not need to wait for a dispensary to pop up!