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State Laws


Connecticut has decriminalized marijuana. However, marijuana is available in Connecticut for medical purposes. This has been the case since 2012, a year after Connecticut decriminalized marijuana in 2011. Qualifying patients may possess a one-month’s supply of cannabis. Governor Dannel Malloy is to thank for this, as he stated:

“Let me make it clear – we are not legalizing the use of marijuana. In modifying this law, we are recognizing that the punishment should fit the crime, and acknowledging the effects of its application… There is no question that the state’s criminal justice resources could be more effectively utilized for convicting, incarcerating and supervising violent and more serious offenders.”

Though we here at Doctor Frank agree with Malloy in some parts and disagree with others, we think this is a step in the right direction. In the meantime, here’s how to get a Medical Marijuana Card (MMC) in Connecticut

1. Suffer from One of the Following Conditions?

These are the conditions that can qualify you for medical marijuana/cannabis is Connecticut:

2. Get Your Condition Confirmed

Should you know or suspect you suffer from one of the above conditions (e.g. you’re genetically likely to develop one of the above, or have several symptoms associated with one of the above), you ought to book an appointment and get your condition confirmed and on your medical record.

You do not need to have a prior relationship with a doctor in order to qualify for a medical marijuana card (MMC). You can book an appointment via telehealth and get a MMC should you have a qualifying medical condition. Set one up asap if you don’t have your MMC!

3. Get Your Physician’s Statement

Should you suffer from one of the above conditions, you can get a Physician’s Statement recommending cannabis use for yourself. You must then register with the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program (MMP).

4. Fill Out Your Application Form

So, you have your signed Physician’s Statement and your qualifying medical condition has been confirmed. What more do you need to do? First, you need state-issued identification (e.g. ID card, driving license, passport). Second, you’ll need to prove your Connecticut residency (e.g. rent/mortgage agreement, bank statement, utility bill). Third, you’ll need to fill out the application form and get a registration certificate, which your physician must initiate by logging into a secure online system. And finally, you must pay a registration fee of $100 for processing and administration.
Applications must be submitted to:
Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program

Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)

165 Capitol Avenue, Room 145

Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: 860-713-6066

Toll-Free Phone: 800-842-2649


5. Start Enjoying Connecticut’s Dispensaries

Once you’ve had your application form processed and accepted, you will be sent a Medical Marijuana Card (MMC). This is valid for one year, after which you must renew it. Unfortunately, having a MMC doesn’t mean you can cultivate in Connecticut – this is still highly illegal. You can, however, enjoy the state’s dispensaries.
Connecticut doesn’t have any reciprocity laws or programs in place. However, if you are from Connecticut and coming to California, Dr. Frank can help you. Book an appointment and/or send us an email to find out how.